Haven Background:


Any Kindred can have a Haven.  This system is for people who want help fleshing theirs out. Hopefully, these backgrounds will help develop the haven system.


Security-  These are the mortal security for the Haven.

0.       A mortal friend drops by every so often to make sure things are OK.

1.       Professional Security company drives by nightly.

2.       Professional Security company makes hourly checks.

3.       On-site professional Security.

4.       On-site Elite professional Security.



Security Cameras- Video surveillance of the Haven.

1.         A camera pointed at front door.

2.         Amateur placement of external cameras.

3.         Professional placement of external cameras.

4.         Amateur placement of internal and external cameras.

5.          Professional placement of internal and external cameras.


Communication Network- This background refers to the communication system used inside the Haven.

1.       You bang on the pipes in Morse Code.

2.       You have a few rat couriers and a pneumatic tube or two.

3.       You have wired the havens with land line telephones and use an intercom system.

4.       You are using wireless walkie-talkies.

5.       You have linked your communication system into your computer network and can track signals throughout the havens.

6.       You are equipped with portable video phones linked into your computer system.


Computer Banks- This background refers to the everyday level of computer technology used by the haven.

1.       You have a PC and a printer.

2.       You have a small local area network and a small data server as well as an internet connection.

3.       You have a real network, up to date equipment and an IP address. Your firewalls and other computer security measures are industry standard.

4.       You have a cluster of servers and a wide area network. You are using wireless encrypted technology. Your computer security is updated as things are released.

5.       You have some voice-activated technology. Your computer security is cutting edge.

6.       You have a basic AI. Your computer security is used as models for others.


Electronic Security-  The art of seeing without being seen -- this is much more than that. This is being able to detect anything coming your way and having a computer smart enough to figure it whether it is a threat or not.

1.       You have a couple of plainly visible black and white cameras where there is enough light to see in the sewers.

2.       You have motion sensors hidden in the walls at key points that are not set off by rats.

3.       You have infrared/low light cameras and motion sensors working in tandem in hidden spots.

4.       You have laser trip wires hidden in the walls and microphones that analyze sound by type (humanoid walking, small four legged creature walking)

5.        Laser grids for size analysis and pressure plates for weight.

6.       A computer able to piece the above information together for threat analysis.



Impressive Architecture-  This is how impressive the architecture looks.

1.       Pleasant clean-cut walls.

2.       Pleasant form and design (pick a style).

3.       Pleasant form and design (crafts: 1, pick a style).

4.       Pleasant form and design (crafts: 2, pick a style).

5.       Beautiful form and design (crafts: 3, pick a style).

6.       Beautiful form and design (crafts: 4, pick a style).


Kennels-  These kennels contain humans, kept as a communal herd for the haven denizens.  The blood pool refreshes every two weeks.

1.       2 Blood Point

2.       4 Blood Points

3.       8 Blood Points

4.       16 Blood Points

5.       32 Blood Points

6.       64 Blood Points


Library-  Libraries are more than just a collection of books, art and presentation material. They are dependent on the under-appreciated librarian.  The better the library, the better the resources, and the easier it is to access those resources.

1.       The library is a closet filled with cheap fantasy and romances books. The librarian is the person who wants the book.

2.       The library is a room with a complete set of encyclopedias as well as a small collection of classics.

3.       The library is a small set of rooms with a computer, legal library, magazines, and decent collection of paperbacks. The part time librarian is competent and normal can get information with in 24 hours. The library has a couple of first editions.

4.       The librarian is specialized in finding and accessing information. The librarian as has wide base of knowledge and normally gets information within eight hours of a request. The library has a broad selection of books few pieces of good art and a couple more first editions. Your average small public library.

5.       The library is well organized. Books are restored and bound on site and the staff actively hunts down desired materials. The head librarian knows a great deal about the havens and can answer many questions immediately. Information requests are completed within a couple of hours. The library has at least one masterpiece and several other good pieces as well as a small occult library and more first editions. A major library.

6.       The library is huge. It is not endless but it is about the size of a university library. The information in it would take decades to read. The staff can put together unbelievable presentations. Does the head librarian read everything that gets places in the library?  You would swear that she does. Information requests normally take less than an hour. The library contains a masterpiece by a famous artist as well as several other less know masterpieces. There is a medium-sized occult library (three) and a special vault for rare first editions.


Machine Shop-  This is an area of the havens where parts are created and broken items are repaired.  It is generally filled with all manner of tools and hardware.

1.       The shop has a basic tools set.  You can patch a leak or change a lock.

2.       The shop has a wider set of tools and equipment.  It can be used to repair any damage done to a haven feature Level Two or less.

3.       The shop can repair any damage done to a haven feature Level Three or less.

4.       The shop can repair any damage done to a haven feature Level Four or less.

5.       The shop can repair any damage done to a haven feature Level Five or less.

6.       The shop can repair any damage done to a haven feature Level Six or less.



Reinforced Structures-  How tough are the walls in the haven?  How much abuse will they take before giving way? Will the your clanmates have enough time to escape through the tunnels before the Nictuku attack?

1.       Some one with a sledgehammer or mist form could go through these walls. In fact, mice and rats go through the holes all of the time.

2.       The walls are still not airtight and a sledgehammer would take longer. At least the rats and roaches can no longer get in.

3.       Someone with Might would have to work to get through these walls.

4.       Someone with Vigor or a jackhammer would have to work to get through these walls.

5.       Someone with Intensity or low yield explosives would have to work to get through these walls.

6.       Someone with Puissance or medium yield explosives would have to work to get through these walls.


Remote Sentry Weapons-  These are modern weapons that fire intelligently, either by remote control or computer control.

1.       Weapons that can be remotely fired in one direction by a person.

2.       Weapons that pivot on one axis (up and down or side to side) and are fired remotely by a person.

3.       Weapons that are fully gyro-mounted, and fired remotely by a person.

4.       Weapons controlled by a computer with a basic threat analyzer.

5.       Weapons controlled by a computer with a medium threat indicator.

6.       Weapons controlled by a computer with a basic AI.


Secret Doors/Passages-  Doors and passages that can only be found or opened by someone with previous knowledge of their existence.

1.       You have a bookcase in front of the door or passage, but you can see light around the bookcase.

2.       The door blends into the wall but a slight draft comes from it.

3.       The secret doors are airtight and light tight and have one trigger point (something you have to manipulate to open. Like the book on the bookcase you have to move for the bookcase to move to the side).

4.       Doors now can have multiple trigger points.

5.       Now retinal scans and finger print scanners can be hidden in doors.

6.       Passages and doors now deflect ultrasound equipment and appear to be solid.


Traps-  Ahhhh….. the days of old tabletop games. Avoiding getting

speared by the orc or, more to the point, falling in the Pit-O-Death. Well, this is it: the front line defense of the Haven.

1.       You have a few low-powered traps that are easily seen.

2.       You have at least managed to hide the few traps that you have.

3.       You have diversified the types of traps (pits with spikes, falling ceilings, gouts of flame, spears and arrows firing from hidden spots in walls, a large ball that rolls down the tunnel) and managed to hide them well.

4.       You have made some slightly more lethal traps (pendulums and slicing blades) and managed to make triggers to determine what sets them off.

5.       The art of stationary firearms has been discovered.

6.       Explosives and remote triggers (one character holds a remote for the triggers) have been incorporated.


Haven Retainers-  Haven Retainers are individuals devoted to a haven with their whole

hearts and minds. To them the haven comes before all else.

1.       These individuals are so devoted to the haven they are willing to

2.       go to jail and in some cases die to protect the haven from others.

3.       Yet, if the haven betrays them, they will be the first to move to

4.       another haven. While haven retainers’ skills may vary, they

5.       specialize in one area. There are no limits to the number of

6.       haven retainers (except reason).