Fleeing the Giovanni, the Kindred now known as The Old Man on the Mountain, goes into torpor in a cave on Adobe Mountain.



Mortals backed by Earl Southmore of Clan Ventrue found Phoenix. Originally the name of Phoenix was going to be Stonewall.



George Estabrook of Clan Ventrue ousts Prince Southmore and becomes Prince of Phoenix.



With the help of Prince Estabrook, Phoenix is Incorporated. Estabrook's ghoul John Alsap is elected Mayor.



With the help of several Kindred, the Territorial Government moves to Phoenix.



Tanis Oakenstaff of Clan Tremere backs the formation of the Phoenix Library association, thus creating the first libraries in Phoenix.



The Demon rises and begins feeding in an attempt to spawn itself. Hundreds die before it is finally driven underground and bound by the Garou who set up a "protectorate" in what will one day become Tempe.



George Estabrook is Killed by Nathan Estabrook (aka Marcus Magnus)

Thorin Bluestar of Clan Tremere takes Praxis.



The former Prince Southmore returns and causes problems. Because of his hatred of the Garou, he is the power behind the building of the Roosevelt dam and the canal system in the Phoenix area.



Arizona becomes a state.



The Kindred population in the Phoenix area reaches 20.

The Nosferatu back the construction of a major pipeline from the Verde River to Phoenix.



The Giovanni Family opens Sky Harbor Airport.



Prince Bluestar mysteriously disappears from the Tremere Chantry.

??? of Clan Brujah declares Praxis.



With the Japanese internment camps and German POWs in Arizona, the Kindred population more than doubles.



Darrell Buyers flees post war Germany for the sewers of Phoenix. He quickly becomes the Nosferatu Elder.



Luke Field is opened, just after the Roswell incident, by the Technocracy.



In a bid for power, Darrell Buyers wrenches control of the City Council from the Toreador and Ventrue.



Darrell Buyers and Sasha Zukov of Clan Toreador have a falling out during a Primogen meeting. Sasha uses her position as Harpy to destroy Buyers name. Buyers drops out of Kindred society for almost 40 years.



Timothy Firethorn of Clan Gangrel helps establish the Phoenix Mountains Preserve Program.



A coalition of Technocracy Mages help form what will become the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Arizona State University. The Technocracy's main Chantry is hidden within the ASU Power Station and within the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Station.



The Camarilla signs over Paradise Valley, the Biltmore area, and Sky Harbor to the Giovanni.



Beginning of the Anarch movement- Dancer takes Praxis from his sire and then turns the city over to the Anarchs



All the Nosferatu, except Darrell Buyers, are destroyed by a Demon.

The Tremere Chantry is also destroyed by the Demon.



Montgomery Westerlock declares Praxis.

Tremere Chantry reopened..



City falls into chaos as the Anarchs and Garou, in separate attacks, wipe out most Camarilla members in the Phoenix area.

The Tremere Chantry falls again.

The Tremere send in Maddy Zurich to "clean out" demonic influences from the Tremere Chantry.

A Kindred Cult moves into the Arizona area. They worship "BOB"

Justin Case, Lyonesse Cynge, Maddy Zurich, and Bertha Elenore Whitewood of the Chicago Whitewoods get into the cave on Adobe Mountain. They manage to steal some artifacts before waking the Old Man on the Mountain.

Phoenix becomes a free state. Areas in the Phoenix area are divided up among various parties.

The NWO come for a visit. They give Justin Case a Puissance Wedgie and try to kill Paris Giovanni. At the end of the evening, Michael Giovanni flees the city with Michael

Collins, Glass Fox Donaghy, Shawn Donnaghy and the rest en route to Ireland.

Crispus Attucks and Tex R. Cainen arrive in the Free States to attempt to

bring order to the Brujah and Toreador and instruct the Anarchs.

The Collins Family comes to Phoenix, raises hell, breaks the Masquerade, feuds with the Toreador Clan, Darrell Buyers and Paris Giovanni.

An attempt at forming the valley into "Baronies" is attempted and eventually


The Garou raze the Settite Temple, located in the Nile Theater in Mesa, to the ground. The Settites shift base of operations to Scottsdale.

A mysterious underworld person, called "The Source" begins consolidating the Phoenix criminal elements and offering gifts and alliances to various Kindred.

Paris Giovanni is "banished" from the Free States after being accused of attacking both Maddy Zurich and Lyonesse Cynge. He returns within six months.



The Status Perfectus is signed by several members of the Free States.

The Anarchs start visiting Las Vegas. Soon the city falls into Anarchy.

The Tremere Justicar Malaphar declares Las Vegas off limits to the Anarchs as lead by Jimmy Collins.

Tucson Falls to the Sabbat.



Jet, a Toreador from the Far East, arrives in Phoenix. Shortly thereafter, two mysterious individuals, a man and a woman, begin making their presence felt. It is eventually believed that they are Kui-Jein.

The remaining Collins, Jimmy and Jay work hard and improve their names after disowning their Sire Michael Collins and their former mentor Michael Giovanni.

Assimites attack Paris Giovanni, Franklin Masters, and Jimmy Collins on different occasions.

On New Year's Eve, a group composed of Giovanni, Anarchs, and Ravnos 'destroy' the demon.



January- Beginning of the "Week of Nightmares" for the Ravnos.

The "Red Star" appears in the sky

The Old Man in the Mountain wakes up and comes and visits.

Black Spiral Dancers attack and kill off most of the Garou in the area.

Changelings visit a Kindred Gathering. It ends up bad for everyone.

The Tremere pack everything up and move to Prescott.

The Camarilla move into Prescott and claim it as a Domain. William Greene, Brujah, claims Praxis. Over the course of several months, several Anarchs meet Final Death while within the Domain.

Michael Giovanni and Michael Collins are spotted in Phoenix.

Zaphod Beeblebrox is killed in Prescott by Prince William Green. The resulting uproar brings Prescott to the brink of destruction.



The Tremere return to Ahwatukee (a small suburb of Phoenix) and claim it as a Camarilla city.

Michael Giovanni is Destroyed.

Paris Giovanni is named Arch Necromancer of the Giovanni.

Darrell Buyers is destroyed.

Settite temple in Scottsdale is raided and Destroyed.

Assimites take contracts on most of the important Kindred in Phoenix. Their streak of not fulfilling a contract continues.



The two beings believed to be Kuei Jin are discovered to be very deranged Setites, and over the first few months of the year, both are caught and killed. A Ventrue by name of Roland McDonald begins attempting to claim Praxis over Phoenix. After a few skirmishes, and one successful attempt at destroying influences locally, he hasn't yet succeeded in holding his Praxis. Relations with the nearby Domain of Ahwatukee remain a bit shaky, but seem to be smoothing out somewhat, despite more rabid Anarchs wishes to the contrary.



After hostilities begin increasing again between the Anarchs of Phoenix, and the Camarillia of Ahwatukee, the Camarilla stages an assault on Sabbat-held Tuscon. They quickly wipe out the bastions there, and move in. Crispus Attucs and Jeremy McNeil return from being supposedly dead, and hang out in Phoenix. Members of the "Thrill Kill" coterie move into the area and begin training the Anarchs in general anarchy.


2004 Warring between the Anarchs and Camarilla increases while the sabbat raises its ugly head.  A group of mages hunt down "reality deviants" and destroy them.  Eventually members of the city find their haven and destroy them.


2005  The three way war between the Anarchs, Camarilla, and Sabbat continues.  Sabbat apparently wiped out and the Camarilla take over most of Phoenix.  Justin Case Disappears.


2006 Camarilla solidify their hold on the city.  Price Glaenzhosen takes controll of phoenix and  brings in a hand picked crew to run things.  An anarch gang develops a drug that causes frenzy in an attempt to retake phoenix. 


2007 The Camarilla battles an Anarch gang with a new kind of magic.  The sheriff and keeper are killed.  Justin Case returns to the city and is soon blood-hunted.